November 2017 Appendix 3B
November 2017 Non-Renounceable Issue
November 2017 Appointment of Corporate Development Director to Cortical
November 2017 Updated Capital Structure
November 2017 European marketing appointment for BPH investee Cortical
November 2017 Non-Renounceable Issue
October 2017Annual Report to shareholders
October 2017Appendix 4C – quarterly
October 2017Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
October 2017Final Director’s Interest Notice
October 2017Initial Director’s Interest Notice
October 2017European trial for BPH investee Cortical BAR Monitor
October 2017Director Appointment/Resignation
October 2017MMR: Grandbridge Ltd – Notices
October 2017BPH MMR ASX Notice of Demand
October 2017BPH MEC Resources Ltd Dispute update
October 2017Appendix 4G BPH
October 2017Full Year Statutory Accounts
September 2017MEC Resources Ltd Dispute
September 2017MMR: Update on Discussions with BPH Energy Ltd
September 2017Preliminary Final Report
July 2017Appendix 4C – quarterly
July 2017MMR: Update on Dispute with BPH and GBA
July 2017MMR: BPH Energy Ltd – Statutory Demand
July 2017Statutory Demand Debt Offset
July 2017Tony Huston Appendix 3X
July 2017Appendix 3Z Bruce Whan
June 2017Director Appointment/Resignation
June 2017Final Director’s Interest Notice
June 2017Director Appointment/Resignation
June 2017Appendix 3B
April 2017Appendix 4C – quarterly
April 2017Results of General Meeting -Amendment
April 2017Results of Meeting
April 2017General meeting- non receipt of consents to act as Directors
April 2017Statutory Demand
April 2017Appendix 3B
April 2017Statutory Demand
April 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
March 2017Appendix 3B
March 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
March 2017Relodgement cover letter meeting-Change of address
March 2017Relodgement of cover letter to shareholders
March 2017Change in substantial holding
March 2017BPH Cover letter Notice of Meeting to shareholders
March 2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice
March 2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice
March 2017Change of Director’s Interest Notice
March 2017Appendix 3B
March 2017Completion of Rights Issue
February 2017European Patent Granted
February 2017Notices received under S 203D & 249D of Corps Act
February 2017Half Yearly Report and Accounts
February 2017BPH Rights issue extension
February 2017Update Appendix 4C
February 2017Update Notice received under S249D Corporations Act
February 2017Correction -Rights Issue Closing Date
February 2017Appendix 4C – quarterly
February 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
February 2017Notice received under Sections 203d and 249d
January 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
January 2017Notice received under Sections 203d and 249d
January 2017Response to ASX Appendix 3Y Query
January 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
January 2017Appendix 3B
January 2017Non-Renounceable Issue
October 2015Annual Report 2015
December 2010 Amended Indicative timetable
December 2010New Seaclem 1- Progress Report.pdf
December 2010Capital Raising and Investment Update
December 2010Change of Name to BPH Energy Limited
December 2010Results of 2010 General Meeting
November 2010BPH PROSPECTUS 2010
November 2010Second Independent report finds PEP11 New Seaclem-1 Well Gas “Highly Likely”
November 2010PEP11 Drilling Regulatory Approvals received from NSW Department of Industry and Investment
November 2010Dr Robin Scaife to Present at Melanoma Symposium Today
November 2010Advent Energy Update – Investment and Drilling
October 2010Cortical Dynamics Poster Presentation at Anesthesiology 2010
October 2010Further investment in Advent Energy Ltd
September 2010HLS5 presented at The Society for Hematology and Stem Cells
August 2010BPH Shareholder Update
July 2010BPH to engage in Melanoma Drug Discovery
July 2010Cortical Dynamics Paper Published in Anesthesiology Journal
July 2010Cortical Dynamics Australian Patent Granted
July 2010Advent Energy Announcement Clarification
July 2010Advent Energy Update
June 2010BPH Corporate Update on the HLS5 Tumor Suppressor Gene
June 2010Expiry of Quoted Options – BPHO
May 2010Technical CSIRO Study Update for BPH investee Advent Energy
May 2010Cortical Dynamics Completes Functionality Trial
May 2010BPH Corporate – 2010 BIO International Convention
May 2010Cortical Dynamics ANZCA Poster
April 2010Advent Energy Contracts Drilling Rig for PEP11
April 2010Advent Energy Fudning Update
April 2010Advent Energy PEP11 Site Survey Update
April 2010Advent Energy Investment Update
March 2010Anti-microtubule Cancer Therapeutics Update
March 2010BPH Corporate Presentation
March 2010Advent Energy Update – PEP11 Site Survey
March 2010BPH Corporate Results of 2010 General Meeting
March 2010Cortical Dynamics to present at the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) and Faculty of Pain Medicine
February 2010Advent Energy Limited – PEP 11 Operational Update
February 2010Advent Energy Limited – PEP 11 Update
January 2010Results of 2009 Annual General Meeting
January 2010BPH Placement
January 2010BPH Initiates Investment Option
December 2009Cortical Dynamics Successfully Completes NHMRC Grant
December 2009Allocation of Placement
December 2009Results of 2009 General Meeting
December 2009Change of Name to BPH Corporate Limited
December 2009BioPharmica Limited Completes Capital Raising
November 2009BioPharmical Limited Notice of General Meeting – Amended Indicative Timetable
November 2009Extension of Time to Hold 2009 Annual General Meeting
November 2009Hls5 to be presented at the 51st ASH Annual Meeting
November 2009NHMRC $608,500 Grant for HLS5
November 2009Update – BioPharmica Limited 2009 Annual General Meeting
October 2009Molecular Discovery Systems Spin Off and IPO
September 2009Completion of Shareholder Share Purchase Plan
September 2009Extension of Shareholder Share Purchase Plan
September 2009BioPharmica Signs Option Deed with Advent Energy
September 2009Advent Energy Limited Lodges EPBC Act Referrals
September 2009New IPO for BioPharmica
September 2009Advent Investment Opportunity
August 2009Anti-Mitotic Project Update
August 2009BioPharmica Confirms 100% Ownership of New Anti Cancer Agents
August 2009US Patent Granted for HLS5
August 2009Promising Results for Cortical Dynamics
June 2009Cortical Dynamics Project Update
May 2009NZ Patent Granted for Cortical Dynamics
May 2009HLS5 Project Awarded Grant for Melanoma Research
March 2009Molecular Discovery Systems High Content Screening Service
March 2009Novel Cancer Therapeutic Discovery
February 2009Half Yearly Financial Report December 2008
February 2009HLS5 presented at the 21st Lorne Cancer Conference 2009
January 2009Diagnostic Array Systems Complete Grant for the BacTrak System