Molecular Discovery Systems (MDSystems)

Molecular Discovery Systems (MDSystems)

MDSystems was launched in 2006 and the main business of the company since its launch has been drug discovery and the validation of biomarkers for disease, therapy and diagnostics. The company is now dedicated to all of the following technologies:

HLS5 Tumor Suppressor Gene

The HLS5 tumour suppressor gene (HLS5) was reported by Professor Klinken's team in 2004. In conjunction with BPH the expert team at The West Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) led by Director Professor Peter Klinken are continuing with their research. Concerted research efforts previously undertaken reveal that HLS5 works through multiple pathways that may target cancer as well as a range of other diseases such as Huntington's, Parkinson's and HIV.  MDS has an extensive patent portfolio for HLS5 which encapsulates the gene both as a potential cancer therapeutic target and also underpinning its involvement in a variety of other diseases. In recognition of its potential for detecting and treating cancer; outstanding organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Cancer Council of WA, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Medical Research Foundation of Royal Perth Hospital and the Scott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre have awarded HLS5 research with high-priority funding. MDS will continue working with Professor Peter Klinken and his research group at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) with the aim of developing the HLS5 research to its full potential.

We are located at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research:

Lab G69, B Block
QEII Medical Centre
Hospital Avenue, Nedlands
Western Australia 6009

T: +61 8 9346 1982 (Lab office)
F: +61 8 9346 7219


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