SKMRC Grant AwardScott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre Discovery Research Grant

Title:  Identification of new drug leads to target melanoma cells

The severe impact of cancer on human health has led to the discovery of a substantial arsenal of anti-cancer drugs. The clinical responses to many of these anti-cancer drugs are, however, limited. In the case of melanomas, most currently available chemotherapeutics exhibit only a minimal impact on disease progression. Despite this grim outlook, recent findings indicate that there is,  nonetheless, ample scope to improve chemotherapeutic responses to melanoma.  Significant clinical responses to some types of melanoma have recently been achieved with new inhibitors of the B-Raf signalling protein. Further, detailed cellular studies have highlighted fundamentally new chemotherapeutic approaches to target melanoma cells. Since these new strategies for targeting melanoma cells are primed for pharmacological exploitation, funding ofchemical resources (a library of drug like molecules) is requested, in order to explore the potential of these new therapeutic targets using an advanced (“high-content”) drug screening technology that is available at the MDSystems laboratory. 

SKMRC Grant Award

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