Scientists' Profiles

Professor Peter Coloe

Professor Peter Coloe (Professor of Biotechnology)


Professor Peter Coloe is the Head of the School of Applied Sciences at Royal Melbourne Intstitute of Technology (RMIT).  He is a member of the Science, Engineering & Technology Portfolio's Executive and Board.  He is the Chair of Academic Board of the University, a member of the University Council and a member of Vice Chancellor's Executive.  Professor Coloe undertook the role of the Principal Investigator for the BacTrak project.  Peter is a microbiologist with key research interests in understanding the mechanisms of pathogenesis of enteric pathogens and the development of effective vaccines to control zoonotic diseases.   


Dr Steven Shi Feng (Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Dr Steven Shi Feng has extensive experience in DNA microarray technology and antimicrobial drug resistance related Research & Development.  Dr Shi Feng performed the proposed project work at RMIT on a full-time basis and worked closely with Professor Peter Coloe.


Research Assistant

A full-time Research Assistant was employed through RMIT for accelerating project progress and achieving milestones.  The RA worked under the guidance of Dr Shi Feng and Professor Peter Coloe. 


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