Diagnostic Array Systems

Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Disease

Amongst all infectious diseases, respiratory are the most common illnesses in the world. They are highly contagious and are easily spread.  The disease causing bacteria can remain in the air where they can easily reach other individuals by inhalation.  The number of patients suffering from respiratory infections is increasing, as is the number of deaths caused by these diseases.

"Major hospitals say they are seeing more patients in their emergency departments with pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses." Media Release, The Honourable John Thwaites MP, Minister for Health, Victoria, Australia, Friday, June 14, 2002, http://www.dpc.vic.gov.au.

"Six infectious diseases currently cause 90% of infectious disease mortality: acute respiratory infections (which may lead to pneumonia), HIV/AIDS, diarrhoeal diseases, tuberculosis, malaria and measles." World Health Organization Infectious Disease News 2000.

Diagnostic Array Systems was created in order to meet these market needs via manufacturing and marketing superior quality, diagnostic products for clinical pathology laboratories.

Molecular diagnostics is one of the fastest growing sectors within the field of Biotechnology. Clinical pathology laboratories have a critical need for fast, effective and reliable detection methods for diseases caused by bacteria.

The scientists of Diagnostic Array Systems (DAS) have patented and developed the prototype of a diagnostic tool that enable doctors to provide patients with fast and accurate test results for infectious diseases caused by bacteria.

The test targets pneumonia, a disease difficult to diagnose through current tests and fatal for a large number of elderly Australians.  The company has completed a pilot-testing program with a major pathology laboratory prove its analytical capability.

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