Diagnostic Array Systems (DAS) has completed a Commercial Ready Grant for the BacTrak System which started in 2007 with funding from AusIndustry.  DAS met its objectives to develop BacTrak a diagnostic genetic microarray for the identification of microbial pathogens causing a range of lung diseases.

The grant in conjunction with BPH Energy funding has assisted in the development of BacTrak which includes a number of key features which underpin its commercial potential. 

These include:

-  Rapid simultaneous detection of 16 respiratory pathogens including Tuberculosis (TB), Legionella and Methycillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

-  Results within hours rather than days using the current culture gold standard.

-  Sensitivity and positive confirmation for the 16 pathogens from easily obtained clinical sputum samples.

-  Direct benefits from the project development include:

          -  Earlier, appropriate treatment;

          -  Shorter length of hospital stay;

          -  Earlier potential isolation of hospital patients; and

          -  Reduction in the over-prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics

The ability of BacTrak to detect respiratory pathogens, including TB, Legionella and MRSA from a single sputum sample is of immense importance and potential value.  Given the global significance and threat of TB in particular it is hoped large volume manufacturing by a suitable IVD manufacturer should deliver a low cost diagnostic kit suitable for deployment in both developing and third world countries

Diagnostic Array Systems also received a Biotechnology Innovation Fund (BIF) grant in 2004 titled 'detecting the cause of infectious diseases using bacterial DNA' which was completed in 2006.

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